Version 0.1.06A

The game is currently in a Closed Alpha testing phase. In this article I will be updating the versions and will let you know about the added content.

Version 0.1.06A

• Fixed memory bug.
• Fixed the bug of not being able to talk to the characters.
• Fixed the bug that caused the loss of saved games in the first slot.
• The error that left the game frozen when a conversation disappeared has been corrected.
• Fixed the bug with Jeanne's events in Powfit.
• Fixed the bug during Henry's event in the TRT that left the game frozen.
• Fixed the error that arose when changing song.
• Fixed a bug in the purchase and sale of vehicles.

• A new event with Veronica has been added.
• A new event with Tamara has been added.
• Added a karma system with Veronica and Tamara.
• A way of working has been created in order to earn money.
• A new sound system has been created that will allow better audio and effects on the event actions.
• A Patreon loggin has been added to allow Patrons to get advantages in the game.
• A new gallery has been created. With exclusive images for Patrons.
• Added a way to improve the charisma skill.
• Added a way to improve the dexterity skill.
• Added two new save slots.
• Added 8 new songs.
• New way of eating and gaining energy at Powfit.

• All skill training costs have been changed.
• Travel times have been changed
• Base vehicles have been made cheaper
• Increased starting money

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